Ten Tweets that prove Arsenal fans are deluded about Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil seems to have fans of his own these days. There are football fans who celebrate an Ozil assist more than they celebrate anything that their team will achieve, its a bit weird, really.

The Ozil love affair is partly understandable, as the guy is a class act, and he can’t help the fact that people seem to have fallen in love with him.

Unfortunately for anyone with a Twitter account, you can’t avoid the direct admiration from all corners of the net.

Here are some of the tweets to prove Ozil loving has gone a bit far..

Paddy Power really don’t like to mock anyone, so its a bad sign if they go for you.

Admittedly this guy is a City fan, but the numbers make a good point..

This guy manages to exclude Ozil from criticism, despite his ‘flat’ performance.

This is a bit of a nicer tone, at least he mocks the Arsenal fans about Ozil..

Can’t say that its easy to understand why Arsenal fans defend Ozil so strongly, do all clubs do this like you’ve offended their mother?

And here’s another saying that Ozil can dismantle the world’s best team..

However good KdB is, this fan seems to believe that no one can be compared to Ozil.

When Liverpool fans, who have claimed Lucas Leiva as world class, are mocking you it can’t be a good sign.


Article title: Ten Tweets that prove Arsenal fans are deluded about Mesut Ozil

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