Ten tweets that prove Everton fans are deluded about this starlet’s ability

Ross Barkley has taken the wonderkid tag and failed to live up to it for several seasons, but this doesn’t seem to be stopping Everton fans from seeing him as the messiah.

In a world where fans struggle to see the brilliance of Mesut Ozil, its hardly a surprise that Barkley is so over valued. The Everton man is having a good season, but so many of the tweets you will see in this article just show how poor the UK is at judging talent.

As his side take on Newcastle, Barkley’s poor decision making and subsequent relinquishing of possession must be so infuriating for the Toffees, yet he seems a nailed on England starter.

We know Barkley is good, but so many Everton fans have simply got out of control and deluded.

Here are some of the silliest tweets..

Some fans seem to believe that he could beat 11 men all on his own..

You’d think he was a reincarnation of Roberto Baggio the way they go on about him!