Ten Tweets that summed up Chelsea’s massive win at the Emirates

Mourinho is long gone, but Chelsea’s curse over Arsene Wenger and the Gunners is still alive and well in the capital.

From inside the first half, when we saw Per Mertesacker comically sent off for an appalling piece of judgement, Arsenal looked like they were fighting a losing battle as Diego Costa terrorised the title challengers throughout the first half and then defended solidly well into the second half.

Here we have some of the best tweets that have summed up this typically controversial London derby..

The last ditch Arsenal fans trying to defend the Big German.

As ever, Ozil disappointed everyone with a big game no-show.

Arsenal, as they seem to be every year, have been questioned for their ‘bottle’ when it comes to the tougher games.

The hatred for Costa continued to go through the roof after he got Mertesacker sent off and netted the goal to put the Blues ahead.

Spurs fans also faced their battle of which team they dislike the least between Chelsea and Arsenal.

Oddly, some Arsenal fans seemed more bothered about Mourinho NOT winning than Wenger winning.

And some high-profile Chelsea fans just can’t stop thinking of the Special One..

As Ozil disappeared, how it must have hurt to see Cesc out-perform the German!

The referee always gets a rough ride in this fixture and Clattenburg managed to nearly upset everyone today..

For all the improvement by Chelsea, it wasn’t much of a different performance from the Blues..