Test your world cup penalty shoot-out knowledge

The 2014 World Cup is a great occasion for everyone in the football industry including fans and players alike. Not all games are settled within the assigned 90 minutes of game-play which leads to the knock out stages of the match. Penalty shoot-outs are often called on in these instances and the winner of the match will be determined on the winner of the penalty shoot-out. Over the years there have been many nail-biting occasions when penalty shoot-outs take place to call the victors. The classic penalty shootout between Brazil and Italy in 1994, has since become one of the most memorable penalty shoot-out instances the World Cup has ever seen. A penalty means that the players with all of the pressure on their backs can immediately become a hero or a villain with just one kick of the ball. With Ladbrokes “The Big Penalty Quiz”, you can test your knowledge based on some of the most controversial penalties ever taken in the World Cup.

Fans of the World Cup love showing off their wisdom when it comes to football trivia. The “Big Penalty Quiz” is a great way to showcase this and will have fans thinking long and hard about their own knowledge on the sport. Ladbrokes quiz is formatted in a simple yet classic way so that players can easily navigate and find what they are looking for without any hassle. The game begins by allowing players to choose between three options: SAVED, MISSED or SCORED. The quiz is displayed in 8 bit styling on the screen, a classic favourite for fans of trivia. The game awards each correct answer with a point.

Five questions are loaded at a time and there is a total of 15 questions. Earn as much points as you can to achieve the ultimate score. Want to take things to the next level? Invite your friends to play the quiz too and share your results on your favourite social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This way your friends can view your results and try their best to beat it. In the end only one of you will be crowned the champion of the “Big Penalty Quiz”. So be brave and put your football knowledge to the test this season.

Article title: Test your world cup penalty shoot-out knowledge

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