The 10 ‘worst ever’ Premier League bosses

In the world of modern football, managers are sacked willy-nilly (there’s no need to be immature), and alot of the time the decision to releave a coach of his post is viewed as being harsh, reactionary and rather unjust.

But sometimes, getting rid of a gaffer who hasn’t been getting the right results is a good call, as it becomes increasingly obvious that they don’t quite have what it takes to run a Premier League club.

This Top Ten is a list of the Premiership’s worst ever managers with full details of their terrible tenures in the top flight.

Some were put in charge of a sinking ship but have unfortunately come away with some shocking statistics to judge their performance by, for others it just didn’t work out as planned, and a few were quite simply way out of their depth.

So read on and check out the ten worst ever Premier League managers.

Click on Sammy Lee to unveil the top 10

Sammy Lee, former Bolton boss

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