The 15 footballers that desperately need a ‘January move’

Here is a list of players that I feel should seriously consider a move in January – whether that be because they aren’t getting enough time on the pitch, are simply not up to the standard their current club expects, or are exceptional players that should make the next logical move in making their careers historic.

We are only a few months away from the January window opening, and these players have had a taster of the new season to see what role they may have to play – or not to play – in their clubs plans for the rest of the coming season. Worringly some of these players may opt to remain on the bench, sitting on hefty wages rather than forcing a move and getting more regular first-XI football.

Click on Kaka to get the ball rolling


Who do you think should look at a January move? Any clangers that I’ve missed? Let me know on Twitter @dudeyoungy

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