The 15 ‘most annoying’ celebrity football supporters

Ever remember those guys in your school who’d simply support Manchester United on the basis ‘that they won the most cups?’ This new found love for the most successful team in the land had nothing to do with passion, geographical location or even that United played the best football, but pure and simply glory supporting. When asked to name the starting XI, most people could only come up with ‘Ermm Beckham? Giggs? Ermmm..does Steven Gerrard play for them? He wears red?’

However, in terms of annoyingness regarding choice of football clubs, nothing can be more frustrating than seeing a celebrity declare their love for ‘insert name of random English club here.’ Be it for a publicity stunt, or genuinely supporting their chosen side but in the most irritatingly public manner possible, choosing an English team has become a new fad among celebrities. It’s slightly less controversial than adopting African babies, but highly infuriating for the real fans who spent their time wondering why these so-called fans don’t actually put some of their millions into the club they support. Here are 15 celebrities that make the prawn sandwich brigades look like a set of die-hard hooligans.

Click on Will Ferrell below to get the ball rolling

Will Ferrell, Chelsea fan

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