The 15 ‘scariest footballers’ in world football

Football may be known as the beautiful game but when it comes to some players that is clearly not the case. For every pin-up like David Beckham there is a few more fellas who just don’t cut it in the glamorous footie world.

The most talented stars have the ability to drive fear into their opponents – but the guys on our list have the extra bonus of looking scary too! In the spirit of Halloween we’ve thrown together a list of 15 players that are so scary, perhaps supermarkets should consider offering costumes of them rather than vampires or skeletons. Sometimes it’s their appearance, sometimes it’s their tendency to lose their heads, or sometimes its something even more sinister…

Click on Iain Dowie to unveil the 15


Are there any footballers out there that you think should have made the list? I’ve been scared enough putting these 15 together, but let  me know on Twitter @dudeyoungy where I’ll be nervously waiting…

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