The 15 ‘Wasted Talents’ within the Premier League of all time

It’s hard work being a footballer in England. While the financial reward of playing in the Premier League is almost impossible to resist, the pressure that comes with the job is like no other. I suppose dealing with the immense burden is a requirement of the position, but many a star player has failed to produce when it matters.

It happens. A player is bought for an inflated amount of money. The pressure is on to succeed; fans on your back questioning your value, the public eye stuck to ¬†you like a leech. The player fails to perform and is subsequently torn apart by the bloodthirsty press. The player moves to pastures new and explodes into life. Maybe it is the Premier League that is cursed with wasting talents. Maybe you have to hold certain personal characteristics to cope with the pressure that English football brings. Maybe you aren’t in the wrong league, you are just at the wrong club. In some cases, it is not the players who are to blame. Managers have often placed world class talent on the bench when they should be on the field. All of these possibilities are covered with these 15 men whose talents were simply wasted in the Premier League. While some are still world class athletes, others have faded into relative obscurity, failing to produce their talent when it came to crunch time.

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