The 20 Premier League ‘Bosman Deals’ worth taking a gamble on

As the season draws to a close, many of the endless talents in the best league in the world become available on the Bosman ruling at the end of their contracts. With many Premier League clubs now unable to compete in the transfer marker due to financial constraints, turning to the list of players who are available free of charge can pay dividends can the end of the season. For teams who have just been promoted to the league, a cheap way of finding Premier League experience is to look towards players who are out of contract. The importance of the Bosman rule was indicated perfectly last year when Newcastle signed Demba Ba for absolutely nothing and received one of the most lethal strikers in the country. On this list of 20, you will find players with International experience, from Canada to Jamaica, from Senegal to Columbia, Champions League winners and players who were once signed for over £20 million.

You will find players who have been plagued by injuries, players close to retirement and players who are just starting their football careers. Have a look at who has made the list and see who your club could be signing for free this summer.

 Click on Diame below to unveil the top 20

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