The £6m Tottenham rumour highlights their lazy nature

If there is one thing that serves to enthuse Premier League fans across the country, it is the seemingly unremitting circulation of transfer non-entities. Stories which claim their club are “eyeing up a swoop” for a much needed player offer brief reprieve from the trials and tribulations of the season but now, even after the transfer window slammed shut the ridiculous rumours refuse to subside.

The story that “Tottenham are weighing up a £6m January move for Newcastle striker Andy Carroll after having a late enquiry dismissed at the end of the summer transfer window” from Talk Sport this morning embodies how embroiled journalists have become in it all, preferring to churn out a relatively lazy piece, such as this due to Andy Carroll’s blistering start to the new campaign instead of focusing on real news and opinion.

Even if Redknapp was planning a move for the 21-year old after his four goals in Newcastle’s first three games, which included a hat-trick against Villa, it bears no significance on current goings and is representative of how the media culture has become more and more laid-back.

Surely they are far from short of things to write about considering the Premier League is now coming to fruition. It is also a needless distraction for players such as the Newcastle striker as he tries to impose himself on the Premier League.

Of course, the outcome of such ‘nonsense’ should not hamper their season but after the end of the summer window, many of the rumours simply hold no truth whatsoever and interest in them have since diminished.

Unfortunately it seems the merry-go-round and tedious rumours placed not so artfully by the press, agents and manager’s representatives will continue with chinks in clubs armour offering the perfect opportunity for a simple-minded link to a potential solution.

Newspapers and other media outlets seem determined to flood ever expanding sports pages with rumours unlikely to come to a culmination when January does eventually come around, giving off the false impression of an inside knowledge.  Most rumours never materialize and I doubt this one linking Andy Carroll to a mere 6 million pound move to White Hart Lane will do much to worry the Geordie faithful.

It is conceivable that the viability is that of somebody “seeing Maradona at Heathrow” and concluding he must be on his way to Villa Park or a friends great aunt seeing Fernando Torres at Chelsea whilst on a stadium tour.