The best way to enjoy the Capital One Cup semis?

Football and beer go like bangers and mash or steak and chips. Often the perfect football experience is accompanied by a pint, or any other measurement you deem fit, of the good stuff, whether that be in the pub before the game or from the comfort of your very own living room. And the good people over at Sportingbeer have thought up a new and exciting way to mix your football and beer experience which may well add a new dimension to the whole event. Take the current Capital One Cup for example, the guys have put together this little box of joy…

Beer 1

So what is it?

For too long, sport (and football in particular) has been associated with large continental lagers which offer little character. Due to the recent rise in craft beer production in the UK, there are now over 1,000 breweries, found in all corners of the country. Sportingbeer aims to pair these great beers with their nearest football clubs to be enjoyed by supports as they watch their team play.

Sportingbeer are set to launch is a subscription pack for the Premier League season. For every Premier League game your team plays, you’ll receive two beers through the post (delivered in four quarterly boxes to your home or work). One will be brewed in a brewery near your club (sometimes a stone’s throw away); one will be brewed in a brewery close to your opponents that day. By drinking beers brewed locally to your club and your opponents club, you’ll be supporting British breweries instead of lining the pockets of huge brewing companies.

As well as delivering you some storming brews to drink, getting a Sportingbeer subscription will also allow you to rate the beers, using scorecards. Your ratings will be used to shape a league table of beers; at the end of the season, the 3 lowest-scoring beers will be relegated and the highest-scoring beer will be crowned champion. With one lucky subscriber winning a case of the beer for free!

Sounds good, right? We think so, and if you’re interested head over to their website to get involved or give them a follow on Twitter @sportingbeer_.

Bottoms up!

Sportingbeer: Pairing fantastic, local beer with your favourite sporting events.

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