The BIG question Liverpool fans must ask themselves

51711325Football FanCast guest columnist Dean Mullen feels supporters need to back Benitez, not jump on the media bandwagon to get rid of him.

You don’t have to pick up a newspaper tomorrow to know the doom and gloom merchants will be out in full force and writing off our title chances. It does look a little bleak at present I grant you, but I for one am refusing to give up on us just yet.

The media are trying to break this football club, determined to destroy Rafa, but the big question is do we join their party, or do we stand tall behind Benitez and show defiance against the detractors?

Don’t get me here I’m not blinkered towards Benitez, or feel he can do no wrong, as my friends can verify I have been critical of him in the past, but I cannot criticise the man, or look to whip the team when we have been on the end of some horrific luck. If Liverpool were playing badly and getting beat that is one thing, but we have been on the end of some shocking refereeing decisions, horrendous run of injuries and although clubs always have to suffer and cope with these, very few managers tend to get them all mount up at once.

I was talking to supporters in a pub in Fulham before the game and you kind of sense talking to them that this season is make or break for Benitez and he must deliver, but isn’t that slightly unfair, considering what he has achieved at the football club, under what are difficult circumstances? With a transfer budget that is hardly comparable to his rivals and being forced to sell arguably our best player of last season, a mere 10 days before the big kick-off, Rafa has hardly been given the best preparation to be able to go one better and land that elusive Premier League title. You can’t be expected to make a silk purse out of a pig’s sow, although it appears Benitez is expected to.

Although a glance at the League table shows that our task of winning it this season doesn’t look great, thinking that a change of manager is going to make our situation any better is a grave oversight in my opinion. Whoever coming in will have to work with the same players, will not have any money to spend therefore what is the point? Rafa is having his first real bad spell at the club, in terms of a run of defeats, therefore rather than jump on his case like the media have seemingly been doing, let’s give the guy our support and show them we won’t be moved.