The Biggest Challenge Facing Roy Hodgson?

England manager Roy HodgsonAs the new England manager, many questions are being asked of Roy Hodgson prior to his leading of the team into Euro 2012. Who will lead the line of attack in the absence of Wayne Rooney against France and Sweden? Will Gerrard and Lampard be given another chance together in midfield? Is John Terry’s inclusion going to be turbulent to everyone else in the team? Will they be raving?

There has already been plenty of speculation during the first month of the former West Brom manager’s England reign. From surprise squad selections to the inclusion of Gary Neville as part of the coaching team, there is plenty to talk about. Past England managers have had plenty of problems with team antics, and players from Aston Villa and Sunderland have proven the dangers of gallivanting whilst in the public eye this season. It was something that Fabio Capello was always very strongly against, and to some extent worked to his disadvantage. Roy Hodgson will be hoping to avoid the same fate, by taking his team out for some much needed bonding this week, ensuring everyone is on the same wavelength by June 11th.

After all, what better way is there to prepare your team for a major tournament? All the teams are doing it, but just what does this team bonding consist of? A tranquil trip to a museum perhaps, maybe a spa session, or even a relaxing day on the golf course? Well, Paddy Power’s recent advert shows what England’s team bonding may consist of prior to the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine, and it certainly isn’t anything as relaxing as that!

The advert is based on the viral sensation ‘Russian Forest Rave’ and shows some of England’s key players raving it up and having a whale of a time in a Ukrainian forest. Whether or not this is what Roy Hodgson had in mind with his team bonding this week, this video has already become very popular.

The new England boss has demanded his team are on their ‘best behaviour’ in Poland and Ukraine this summer, and this is probably the sort of thing he wouldn’t have had in mind. We all know what Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney and co. are like though, and this video shows just the kind of bad behaviour you would expect Hodgson to be wary of.

Whilst we would all like to see a united England team this summer, there are probably better ways to ensure it than a techno rave in a Ukrainian forest!