The David Moyes Interview

It has been an up and down season for Everton in the Premier League, here’s what manager David Moyes has made of it…

Throughout your time at the club your teams has shown to be really cohesive and you have really good team spirit there. Players seem to stay at the club for a long time. How do you go about fostering that kind of culture at the club?

We try to recruit the right people in the first place if we can do. We try to get a real base of stability here. I took over from Walter Smith who did a great job in clearing the decks. He had a really difficult time with the amount of players that came and went at that time. Since I have come in I think it has been a little bit more stable, and I think it’s because my position is stable here. It has given players the belief that they could have a long term future here. Some of the players that have been here for a while are Tim Cahill, Leon Osman and Tony Hibbert the latter two have certainly been here longer than me. I think there are a quite a few players who have been here for 7 or 8 years now.

Seamus Coleman is one of a number of younger players that you have here and has made phenomenol progress since breaking into the first team. How pleasing is it to see players like him and other young players all flourishing at the club?

Part of my job is to get young players in the team at Everton and that is partly due to the numbers. If anyone is watching tonight and if you’re a good young player, Everton is the place to be as we give youngsters opportunities. We try to put young players in the team. Over the years everyone is well aware of Wayne (Rooney), Jack Rodwell, and even Victor Anichebe and James Vaughan they have had opportunities and both been in the team. It is something we do here. It is really important to me that we have a really good academy and going forward that we get a lot of our own players in the side.

There is no more evidence than that than the fact that you fielded a bench recently that featured seven players who did not have one premier league appearance between them. How much of that was by design and how much of that was by necessity?

Necessity I would have to say if I am being honest. What you need in life, whether it’s working behind a camera like you are or me being a football player or manager like me, you need somebody to give you a chance to see if you can do it. If you get that chance then it’s up to you to take it. I tend to find when you give young players a chance they tend to take it. It was a necessity but one or two them played and got their chance. They will always be able to say they played in the premier league. What they need to do now is grasp it and realise the level they need to play if they are going to be there regularly.

Phil Neville who you brought to the club six years ago now who has been a fantastic servant to the club, so much so that Spurs tried to take him off your hands in the January Transfer Window. What is it that he or any other good captain brings to the team?

What he brings is a man. He has got great values in life. He comes in and goes about his work everyday. He is very committed in his job and tries to get the best out of himself everyday. He lives and breathes it. For young players he’s the one that they should all try and aspire to. Maybe he has not got the biggest talent level that I have ever come across but he doesn’t half make up for it with his attitude and desire to try and be as good as he can. I can see why he has 59 caps for England and still playing at a high level. He has only been at two clubs, Manchester United and Everton, so he deserves everything he gets.

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