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The ‘dream ticket’ that will hopefully put West Ham out of their misery

Football FanCast guest columnist Luke Mitchell hopes that Gold and Sullivan will look to put West Ham out of their CB misery.

As Carson Yeung finally looks to complete his takeover of Birmingham, all eyes are now firmly on where the Gold/Sullivan partnership is likely to go next – Some have suggested Cardiff, given Sullivan's roots, while
Gold has hinted at perhaps moving to a southern club instead.

"At our age we're beginning to think we don't want to go too far so I believe, if anything goes through, it would be a southern club where we would all like to settle down and spend the rest of our time,

"Everybody has financial difficulties at the moment and would welcome anyone with a football background and a lot of money." (Daily Mail)

Obviously as a West Ham fan I may be somewhat presumptuous here in suggesting that Gold wants to take over the reins at West Ham, but he is dropping enough hints. On top of what has been said before, this morning we had his life story about growing up in Stepney, going to school by Upton Park, his love of pie and mash, but in all seriousness if Gold goes it alone, or looks to link up with Sullivan again, then there are fewer clubs in the South who have the same potential that West Ham offer, or are as cheap to buy as us.

That is the frustrating thing I have found over the years is that we really have everything in place to succeed and move on to the next level, if we had the right owners. I don't need to tell any West Ham fan of the potential we have at this football club, from grassroots, right up to the first eleven and to be in a position where we can build on this, oppose to having to balance the books all the time, would be a joy to behold and something we have never enjoyed. You only have to look at the amount of talent that we have lost over the years and who knows where we would have been, had we been in a position to retain them.

Gold and Sullivan have done a fabulous job at Birmingham in raising that football club up from the depths and why such a rebuild will not be needed at West Ham, their finance would be extremely welcome and it would release us from this chokehold that CB currently have over the club. In fairness that isn't their fault and they are working to get the club ticking over again after the previous regime, but you need football
men running it and ones who knows what is required. Gold and Sullivan would be the dream ticket in my opinion and I only hope they'll come in and put us out of our current misery.

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Article title: The ‘dream ticket’ that will hopefully put West Ham out of their misery

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