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The Emirates Stadium Mystery

I’m starting to think I’m missing out on something. Is there a big party that everyone goes to? Something exciting on the telly? Or perhaps it’s a free goodie bag for the first 10,000 on to the tube?

It’s an age old moan but I am going to go on about it again. Just what is people’s (I’m refusing to call them fans) excuse for leaving Arsenal games at the Emirates early? Yet again on Saturday towards the end of the match against Fulham streams of people were leaving as the game was reaching its climax. And it wasn’t just a few hundred it’s thousands.

I’m pretty lucky, I took the decision to not get my season ticket next to the fantastic chaps from Sussex that I enjoy a pre match ale with every week. I went for the much maligned singing section organised by REDaction. Ticket on my own, but have made many new friends around me, singing, standing, swearing, mass bundles when goals go in, all good natured banter and eagerness from everyone to learn the words to any new song that crops up.

I accept not everyone wants to enjoy games in that fashion, and apart from one or two other isolated spots everyone else pretty much sits down, but for heaven’s sake, you are there to cheer the team on, not turn your back. Players and managers talk about the 12th man, and how a crowd can suck a goal in for them.

So instead of leaving the game early and complaining about how bad Arshavin played back in the pub before the match has even finished, give the players a “come on you reds” or something and help the team turn one point into three. I could just about understand it if we were getting stuffed 5-0 at home but not when the game is tantalisingly poised at one apiece.

We pay some of the highest prices in the world to watch our team, and with fans all over the world some of us are in the lucky position to be able to watch the team live on a regular basis. So why would you want to leave the game before it’s finished? You can practically make out the cannon on the far side of the pitch before the 4th official has put his board up for added on time.

Maybe we should get the club to dig out the old scoreboard that used to hang off the side of the East Stand at Highbury with the clapping hands and “come on Arsenal” scrolling across, so people remember that they are there to cheer on the team and not just send a volley of abuse towards the player and manager each time the team doesn’t win.

Article courtesy of Stuart Watson from the excellent Arsenal Insider

Article title: The Emirates Stadium Mystery

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