The fatal flaw in Wayne Rooney’s armoury

In the aftermath of England’s 3-0 win over local South African side Platinum Allstars, it emerged that Wayne Rooney verbally abused the referee. This sort of behaviour is unacceptable and Rooney needs to learn the error of his ways before it gets him sent off and ultimately costs England a game.

The match against Platinum Allstars proved to be a decent exercise for England but, the referee’s comments left a sour taste in the mouth. As the nation will now be fearing every challenge the Wayne Rooney is involved in, not just because of the possibility that he might get injured, but also that his reaction might get him sent off.

The referee, Jeff Selogwie said after the match: “Rooney insulted me, he said ‘F**k you.” Selogilwe revealed.

The ref added: “He must learn to control his temper. He could get sent off in the World Cup, especially if he uses this kind of language. If he insults a referee like me, then he will use that vulgar language to other referees as well. Maybe the England players thought ‘This is just a friendly, we can do what we like and the referees are not that professional.”

Selogwie couldn’t be more right; Rooney’s behaviour was downright unacceptable and referees from all over the world need to be treated with more respect. This incident isn’t the first time Rooney has clashed with a referee either, in 2005 Rooney was sent off whilst playing for Manchester United against Villarreal in the Champions League for sarcastically clapping the referee. Rooney has got to curb his temper before the World Cup gets underway otherwise we could see a repeat of the quarter-final game against Portugal in 2006, when Rooney was sent off for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho.

Wayne Rooney is an outstanding player and has virtually no faults to his game apart from his temper and if he can just iron that out then he would be a perfect player. He has also got to remember that as England’s star player he is going to be a role model to a lot of children and they look up to someone like Rooney, and if he is chastising referees at every opportunity then they are going to think that it’s ok. So he needs to take the responsibility of being a role model seriously. Also he needs to remember that he is playing in a World Cup, which is an opportunity that so few people get and he shouldn’t to miss a second of it by doing something stupid and getting a suspension.

Finally, as arguably England’s most influential player he needs to understand just how much the team needs him and that he has the ability to decide a single game, so he needs to ensure that he stays on the pitch so he can help lead England to success.

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