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The Football Coffee Break 13 – Not the best of…

It’s the final week of the Premier League season and the final instalment of this series of The Football Coffee Break. The final day of the season may prove to be a very historic one. Regardless of the amount of money spent on their squad, Manchester City could become only the fifth team to lift the Premier League trophy and hats must go off to them for managing to show the fight needed to claw back their albeit slender lead at the top when everyone (including Mancini himself) had written them off. Lest we forget that QPR will go to City on the final day fighting for their top flight status. Add to that, the fact that they’re managed by former City manager Mark Hughes and you’ve got a great premise for a new Roy of the Rovers book. I certainly won’t be putting my house on that fixture any time soon, mainly because I don’t own one and my tenancy agreement details show I have no legal right to do so. Third and fourth place are still being contested by three teams and should have even been four. However, Chelsea seem so confident of beating Bayern Munich in Munich that they fielded a weakened team against Liverpool mid-week and got themselves mathematically out of the race to the tune of four goals. Masterstroke or unforgivable arrogance by Di Matteo (or let’s face it, John Terry)? Either way, it won’t alter his future plans because he knows that Abramovich sees him as a Kirsty Allsop-esque, sensible choice when what he really wants is a Kelly Brook to go with his big snazzy football club.

When a television series start to wrap things up for the broadcast season we, the viewer, are often subjected to a montage of “best of” clips from previous episodes set to ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner or another song with equal emphasis on something being generally regarded as “the best.” Fear not, there will be none of that here today. From the off, The Football Coffee Break has been billed as an “Eclectic look at the 11/12 season” (which sounded better than “Tom steals Charlie Brooker’s formula”) and this final vlog of the season is certainly that. The mother of all bombshells is dropped regarding Didier Drogba, a Dutch Liverpool fan trashes an expensive looking flat, the Manchester Derby fails to live up to its impossible label of “The Greatest Match since Ali/Frazier”, Wilfried Zaha is back by popular demand and I try and make contact with the man himself, a girl falls over, a Polish footballer falls over, Peter Crouch defies science and there’s a chicken on the pitch! It probably sounds like I’ve copied and pasted a TV listing for You’ve Been Framed but before you rush over to I also found time to dig out their best ‘Slow news day’ defining articles. Next week, come back for a two part Football FanCast season review featuring myself and a guest appearance by former Coventry goalkeeper Steven Ogrizovic (I’ll be honest, only one of those aforementioned people will be showing up.)

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Article title: The Football Coffee Break 13 – Not the best of…

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