The Football FanCast Euro 2012 Video Diary – Part 1

Out in the deepest, darkest depths of the Crimea, fearless, intrepid FanCast reporter Oscar Pye-Jeary selflessly, tirelessly and with a dogma inspired hint of amateurism documents his exploits following the England team at Euro 2012, without a moment’s thought for his own safety, professionalism or ever diminishing sobriety.

After slugging it valiantly through the searing, Mediterranean like heat of Donetsk, sometimes having to cope with up to a 20 minute wait for table service, he arrived at the weary traveller’s sanctuary of an English pub, and fuelled by a Panorama style desire to document only the smaller picture, proceeded to waste valuable camera battery on a man trying to get a ball out of a tree.

Enjoy, experience, or merely suffer arduously his avant garde and maverick approach to football documentary film making, an approach so avant garde and maverick that it eschews such conventional norms as mentioning the football he went to see, instead favouring the unique insight one gets when watching drunk men battle nature, or being amused by things that look tenuously like naughty things.

[ffcvideo file=”EuroDiary1″ type=”m4v” image_type=”jpg”]