The Football FanCast Premier League Season Review – Part 1

The 2011/12 season could be mistaken for an end of series finale for football. I wouldn’t be surprised if after Euro 2012 the people who run football (and I presume they’re a group of demi-Gods resembling Des Lynam with crowns and tridents) declared that the sport was no more and that we had to find something else to amuse ourselves with on a Saturday. Perhaps that would be a good thing; people might actually feign interest in the Olympics or read a book. However, such is the importance of football as a staple of pleasure in our otherwise tedious lives the world would descend into a post-apocalyptic nightmare where football is secretly played underground in cages with a dog’s head for a ball and people trade sexual favours for Merlin Premier League stickers.

Producing a weekly vlog throughout the season has proved to be far more of an ordeal than I had anticipated. Every time I thought I had some subject matter, something else would happen. It’s as if the season was deliberately taking the Schmeichel. The final day of the season was the fitting end it deserved and resembled a piece of fiction akin to Roy of the Rovers or garish coach-crash-fest Dream Team. It’s certainly been the most eventful season both on and off the pitch in my lifetime and certainly impossible to cram into one little video. I have however, reflected on my personal favourite moments from the leviathan that was. Today I look back at August through to December; which included Manchester United thrashing a fierce enemy and then getting thrashed by another and Carlos Tevez providing us with another media circus (which I can’t remember because I promised myself if there was another saga like the West Ham and Man Utd affairs I would send myself into a month–long coma.) There was tragedy in the form of Gary Speed’s untimely death and football endured one of its darkest hours with the Suarez/Terry scandals. There’s also time to look at my favourite moments from television and Liam Gallagher gets intimate with some cotton. Come back next week for part 2 which will include Chelsea’s heroic/pitiful victory/defeat in Munich.


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