The Football FanCast Season Review – Part 2

Football FanCast Season Review - Part 2It was always going to be impossible to do the 11/12 season justice in two short videos but here is the final part of The Football FanCast Season Review vlog. Although the football played wasn’t always of the highest quality it was certainly exciting (As in, ‘Holly Willoughby has broken down and needs to use your shower’ exciting, not ‘Just won £2 on a scratch card’ exciting.) For next season to be an improvement one of the following has to happen; draws result in the deduction of 3 points, teams who score more than 3 goals in a match get Lionel Messi on loan for one game, penalties are taken by a fan chosen by raffle or The Carling Cup final is played on top of a volcano (which, believe it or not was an option on Chris Kamara’s Street Soccer.) I can’t really explain what this video is about without repeating what I said last week so instead I thought i’d dish out some pointless accolades to some men who have no idea I even exist…

Player of the Season

A bit of a predictable one. Every year Arsenal get written off but they always have someone who ends up saving them from finishing below Tottenham (if not quite carrying them to the title.) They lost Henry but Fabregas lead by example and when they lost him Robin Van Persie went from pretty good striker to top of any team’s shopping list and the worry for Arsenal this summer is just that.

Robin van Persie

2nd- Vincent Kompany
3rd- Yohan Cabaye


Manager of the Season

A large part of me wants to give it to Alex McLleish. To have the audacity to relegate a Brummie team, stay in the city and try and relegate another is a true sign of balls in my opinion. Personally, I can’t understand the praise heading Roberto Martinez’s way; have we forgotten the first 30 games of Wigan’s season? Alan Pardew has done well but i’m reserving judgement until he delivers the sequel. I think purely for taking over a side that had just lost 7-1 at home to Colchester, achieving 3 successive promotions and then finishing 12th in the Premier League, i’m going to have to give it to…

Paul Lambert

2nd- Brendan Rodgers
3rd- Martin O’Neill


Goal of the Season

He should not be able to do that whilst looking like that! (Same goes for his relationship with Abbey Clancy).

Peter Crouch v Manchester City

2nd- Papiss Cisse v Chelsea
3rd- Luis Suarez v Norwich


Match of the Season

We’ve seen some pretty memorable games this season but none came close to this masterclass in the art of the cagey midfield battle at The Stadium of Light…

Sunderland 0-0 Bolton

2nd- Chorley 0-3 Bolton (Pre-season friendly)
3rd- Nantwich Town 0-2 Bolton (Pre-season friendly)


Animal on the Pitch of the Season

He did more to warrant an England call up than Stewart Downing…

Shankly the Cat

2nd- Ewood Park Chicken
3rd- Joey Barton

So there you go, another list for you to moan at because you know better. Now just watch the damn video…

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