The Footballer’s Football Game

Pro Evolution Soccer v FIFA – a debate that has been raging for eternity – well, since the mid-1990s at least. Both have their unique advantages. If you want to play as Wayne Rooney and have the official player names, teams and competitions, then FIFA is for you. However, if you prefer some fast-paced football action, then Pro Evo is well worth a second look.

PES is often described as the ‘footballer’s football game’. The video game that devoted football fans play, although I’m sure that EA Sports would have something different to say. For over a decade the two have been going head-to-head, blow for blow; a bit like Manchester United and Arsenal in the late-1990s, or maybe Man City and United in the immediate future. However, unlike Sunday’s Manchester derby, there is scarcely a clear winner.

Pro Evo has continued to evolve, with little tweaks made every season and this year is no different. The newest instalment of the long-running series features ground-breaking innovations that give the user more control than any other football title. PES isn’t without big name backing either, as to add to the excitement Neymar, Santos’ main striker, is joining Cristiano Ronaldo as the player on the box for PES 2012.

As a youngster, Pro Evo was always the game for me. Ever since Adriano was on the cover, PES, or International Superstar Soccer as it was previously known, offered the best gameplay. Yes Ronaldo might have been called Ronald (or something similar), but that didn’t stop you from getting him to power his way through the opposition defence and smashing the ball into the back of the net. When it comes down to it, gameplay is what matters; everything else is just bells and whistles.

Pro Evolution Soccer 12: Forever evolving, forever uniting, forever football. As those in football say: form is temporary, class is permanent.

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