The FOUR clubs in the running for Wayne Rooney deal?

Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney’s future is very much up in the air. Where he’ll be come next summer is anybody’s guess. Financially speaking there are very few teams that could afford Rooney. This somewhat limits the number of potential destinations for Rooney. Despite this difficulty I seek to assess which team represents the best mutually beneficial future for Rooney and the club, regardless of their financial situation.

Arsenal: Back in March of this year, Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas told the Daily Mail which player he’d most like to see Arsene Wenger sign: “Wayne Rooney. He can do everything. A brilliant player”.  Arsenal are admittedly the least likely to sign Rooney in terms of finances, but would Rooney be a good fit at the Emirates? At first glance Rooney doesn’t seem to adhere to any common notion of an Arsenal striker. He’s strong and stocky and difficult to pluck off the ball. He also has a directness that you don’t commonly associate with Arsenal players. Yet, he has an ability to pick out a pass and link up the play on a level with any Arsenal player you care to name. The prospect of a partnership between Robin van Persie and Rooney is more than a little mouth-watering. You can’t help but feel that Wayne could provide the Gunners with that ‘Plan B’ that pundits so often claim Arsenal lack.

Chelsea: Rooney reportedly wants out at Manchester United because he doesn’t see the club as ‘ambitious’ enough. In other words, he’s feeling broody and he’s looking to further fill his trophy cabinet. Arguably Chelsea represents Rooney’s best opportunity to do just this. Chelsea are in the best position as things currently stand to challenge for trophies. Whilst Manchester City must first establish itself as a top four team in the Premier League and Real Madrid has to contend with Barcelona every season, Chelsea seem odd on favourites to win the league this year. You also have to consider that Drogba’s getting on a bit and has another couple of years at most at the top of his game. Could Rooney provide Chelsea with their key attacking outlet once Drogba moves on?

Manchester City: This summer Rooney saw Ronaldo move to Real Madrid without any real effort made on Manchester United’s behalf to bring in a world-class replacement. If he’s seeking a team that is growing fast accustomed to attracting A-list players on a regular basis, Man City may just be the place for him. City fan feeling seems pretty mixed at the moment. Whilst many are keen to have a player of Rooney’s talent and ability on their books, some are unable to put aside their prejudices with still arise from Rooney’s United background. There’s a great potential partnership to be re-united between Tevez and Rooney that could propel Man City along the path towards challenging for the titles that Rooney so desires. Rooney may be looking across the road from his Manchester United viewpoint to see a team whose superior wealth is threatening to tip over into superiority on the pitch.

Real Madrid: As I detailed in a previous article regarding Rooney’s future, if he were to seek a move abroad, thanks to The Webster Ruling, he could buy out the rest of his contract at the end of the season (for about £5 million) and then be eligible for a free transfer. But would Rooney cut it as a Galactico? The move would see him reunited with former United star Cristiano Ronaldo who has a style of football that suits the fast-paced nature of the Spanish league. Rooney could not be any more different in style than Ronaldo – would his tenacity, tough-tackling and directness be a good fit for La Liga, or would he like Michael Owen before him find himself unsuited to foreign climbs?

It seems to me that the best fit for both club and player would have to be Chelsea. He’s an ambitious young lad who desires trophies and titles in order to establish a lasting legacy. Although City may be challenging for trophies within the next couple of seasons, Chelsea remain the forerunners for the time being. Do you agree with my takes? Where do you see Rooney playing in the future? If you’re a Arsenal, Chelsea, City or Madrid fan would you like to see Rooney join your club?

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