The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ‘Football Ads’

David Ginola was a fantastic footballer as well as a fantastic advert for Pantene, shame the same can’t be said for Ian Wright, I mean he was a good footballer but the advert he did for Chicken Tonight, was car crash television. Trawling through the internet I found some absolute gems and it’s a shame I can’t do the Top 50 Football related ads, I mean who can ever forget the Paddy Power “You’re in the bath with Carlton Palmer advert”?


The Good

We have all experienced this moment down the park with our mates. Classic.

Footballing Legends, an enclosed environment and one ball. This advert was never going to fail.

Arguably one of the greatest football advert ever made- no “cool” music, no flashy camera shots – just a great narrative from start to finish and some above average acting from a bunch of footballers. What I would have done to grow up in an era with these legends of the beautiful game.


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Pure world class talent or pure world class editing? Either way, what an advert.

A fantastic tribute to grassroots football; Hackney Marshes and David Seaman, a combination I’d never though I’d see.

Living the dream.

Lineker is still winning the Walkers battles nearly twenty years on (only this time against Lionel Ritchie)


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The Bad

This advert has all the ingredients of the perfect aftershave advert, a footballing icon and gorgeous girls but why does it just make me cringe.

This Sharpie permanent marker pens advert featuring David Beckham single handedly destroys the reputation the former Manchester United star has worked so hard achieved, some might say it leaves a permanent black mark on his record.

Ignoring the fact that Kevin Keegan looks like something out of ‘Fame’, this homoerotic advert is just terrible.

“After 90 minutes of pure hell, you’re gonna be thirsty” Right, cheers for that John; this ill advised Lucozade advert from the 1990s was shocking back then and it is safe to say it hasn’t become vintage TV over a decade later.

Good on Kev doing his part for road safety, however Keegan made a huge mistake and forgot about the publics ‘eye safety’ with the most horrendous choice of outfit…ever.

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Really Jamie? Are you sure?

Nothing says oil filters like Pat Jennings making some impressive saves.

Gareth Southgate Pizza Hut Advert

Sadly for those who haven’t seen this ‘advert’ you will have to use your imagination as Southgate’s agent has scoured the net and removed all traces of evidence that this advert ever took place.

Just picture this, Chris Waddle, Stuart Pearce and Southgate eating pizza, bags over their heads and the worst line ever from Pearce “this time he’s hit the post!.” Priceless.

The Ugly

So this is what £50 million buys you. WORLD Exclusive, Robbie Savage Face in a a baby Scan

[ffcvideo file=’robbie_savage’]

Article title: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ‘Football Ads’

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