The iconic football boot lives on

What can you say about the Adidas Predator? It really is a classic football boot – one that has become iconic within the world of football. How has it earned this status? By being the most sought after boot for players, young and old, for well over a decade, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon if Adidas’ latest offering is anything to go by.

Let’s go back to 1994; that’s when the first model of the Adidas Predator was released. Instantly it became the football boot that was wanted by children across the country. The number one Birthday and Christmas wish, and I was one of the fortunate ones to get a pair and show them off at the park.

Since then the Adidas Predator has gone from strength to strength, with it becoming the boot of choice for kids and professionals alike. It’s been modelled by a long line of footballers, all at the top of their game and wanting to wear a boot that matches their status within the world of football. The latest model is no different.

The Adidas AdiPower Predator is the 12th incarnation of the boot and looks as slick as ever. The 2011 Predator is a visionary football boot, created to answer the demands of modern football. It incorporates unique technologies that combine elements to enhance control, speed, and power making it the complete football boot.

Along with a great football boot, you have come to expect a start-studded advert from Adidas, and yet again they haven’t disappointed. Look out for Arsenal’s Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri, Manchester United’s Nani and Dimitar Berbatov, and Brazil star Kaka to name just a few in the video below.

Long live the Adidas Predator, a football boot that is most certainly a modern classic.

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