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The IDEAL signing to beef up the Tottenham attack?

Didier Drogba, Chelsea strikerAfter another performance in which Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres failed to click, there is an increasing possibility that Drogba is going to leave Chelsea this summer. As unlikely as it may be, as a Spurs fan, I can’t help but imagine the prospect of the big Ivorian playing for Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

In the last few weeks Didier Drogba has been a bit odd. He has incurred a few phantom injuries, missed pre-match training and generally looked sulky. I don’t think he can’t handle not being the ‘main man’. For these reasons, many people, not just Chelsea fans, will think he has let himself down. But I sympathise with him.

He has not had a great season, but nor have Chelsea. Regardless of his performances this year, for the last three seasons he has been one of the best strikers than the Premiership. He has been piled out the back door, so to speak, from their talisman to part of a rotation policy. And at the moment he is a better player than Torres.

He deserved better treatment. I understand that you cannot buy a player for £50m and then not play him. I also understand that Chelsea have a system that incorporates three front men, not two. But Drogba, not Torres, changed the game against Manchester United and he should have started more games since January.

I like Drogba for the same reasons that many dislike him. I think he is a genuinely funny player. He is so deluded a lot of the time. In his mind every moment on a football field revolves around him. Yet I know this and I like him in spite of it. I think it is because he is so good. I can’t help but admire his greatness.

Sadly for Chelsea, they might have to let him go. His influence will surely become more destructive before too long. Unless he returns to the centre fold he will get grumpier and grumpier. But with Torres at Stamford Bridge this is unlikely to happen. Torres is a long term investment and replacement for Drogba.

When he came to the Premiership, Drogba was not brilliant but he thought he was. For that reason he got underneath many people’s skin. But while some players have an over inflated opinion of themselves and never produce anything particularly special, Drogba has lived up to how good he thought he was.

He might have had, by his standards, a poor season but I am confident he will bounce back and I think he has a lot of football left in him. He still looks strong and has never relied on out and out pace for his effectiveness. He might be 33 in 3 days, but i can see him playing until he is 35.

If he leaves Chelsea he could walk into any team in the world, apart from maybe Barcelona. I am sure Jose Mourinho who has been searching for a striker would relish the prospect of teaming up with former colleague Drogba.

It is highly unlikely that he would move to another Premier League club, Chelsea just would not allow it. But, for speculation alone, I would love him to move to move to Spurs. If that did happen, you would not find a happier man than me. I love Tottenham and I love Drogba. What’s more he would be the perfect answer to Tottenham’s needs.

This is pure hearsay and I honestly don’t think that he join Spurs in a million years. But any club should welcome him with open arms. My point is that few players are good enough that they could play for any team in the world, regardless of their attitude. For the next two years he will score goals wherever he plays. He might be coming to the end of his career, but I think Chelsea have not tried hard enough to keep him happy and I think they will miss him when he is gone.

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Article title: The IDEAL signing to beef up the Tottenham attack?

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