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The England team has begun its 82 hour coach journey from its luxury digs in Manaus to the incredible $250 million stadium also in Manaus. The team waved excitedly to haggard, elderly fans as they boarded their Excelsior coach, custom-built in Crawley to secret FA specifications.

World of Balls gained exclusive access to Jim Bailey, the England Driver.

‘England’s first match Group D match is on Saturday, but we’ve decided to leave early because we heard the roads could be quite tricky. I did Germany 2006 and loved the Autobahn, but when I did France 98 I couldn’t get off the Peripherique, for three weeks. This trip is only two miles, but you can never tell how it is going to go. I’ve got some rolls of carpet in the side in case we get stuck in rainforest mud, and the lads have promised to push if we get into trouble. But better to be safe than sorry, we are leaving 3 and a half days early. I’m quite thankful that we don’t stand a chance of winning this cup. If we did, we’d have had to have left for the group stages three weeks ago.”

WOB! has Jim Bailey’s mobile number, “but don’t call between twelve and one, because I’ll be having my corned beef sarnies.”.


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