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The lengths Premier League duo will go to secure a ‘wonderkid’

Race is on for Sporting Winger BrumaThe Daily Mail has reported that Manchester City and Chelsea are trying to acquire a young Portuguese player, using all of their incentives in trying to entice the player from the youth system at Sporting Lisbon who wish to see him remain. His name is Bruma and he is the ripe old age of 15, but he has been playing for the Portuguese Under 19s, which highlights his aptitude by playing with players three years his senior.

The invariable comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo has already been made by those around him and those who wish to benefit from his talent. The reason why Manchester City and Chelsea are endeavouring so fervently to acquire Bruma, full name Armindo Gangna, is because he has yet to sign a professional contract. If he does indeed sign this contract with Sporting Lisbon, he will no doubt set each respective club back more than the incentives they’re offering at present. These incentives are reported to be a £200,000 signing bonus, a house, cars and employment offered to his family.

The materialistic incentives usually prevail and would make Bruma very comfortable to say the least. He would also be nestled safely within the bosom of a top European club who would provide the possibility of silverware and exposure to the world media. The motivation behind all of this is not Bruma’s present form, but merely his potential as a player, having seen his attributes and propelled them into the future to envisage the prospect he could become. But time is a cruel mistress, one that doesn’t necessarily coincide with what is projected or thought to happen.

I’m making these above points to show that if Bruma is enticed away from his culture, family, language etc. and has to reintegrate into this strange new land that is England too early, then he may find it difficult and not become the great player he could have if he took matters at a slower pace. Regardless of the material wealth he could amass, he should be prudent and assess his position carefully. Yes both Manchester City and Chelsea would make sure he was in the lap of luxury, but would they provide for his fragile mental state if certain aspects of his game or lifestyle became challenging in a detrimental way. Isn’t it a wonder how clubs like Sporting Lisbon manage to produce young talent without the prosperity that Man City and Chelsea possess. It owes something to the dedication of the club to the player, the reassurance they must give and the confidence instilled in the player, as opposed to the wage packet they can deliver.

It is a fallacy to suggest that investing money into something will accomplish instant success; the money acquires one of the means to an end, the other, in this case, is the nurturing of young talent in all aspects, not just in footballing terms. Bruma has already attained the hard part of becoming a professional footballer, therefore even if an organic, specially grown, gm free, fair-trade, all singing, all dancing carrot is dangled before his eyes he needn’t snatch at it hastily.

If he is the player these interested parties believe him to be then he shall remain as such pursuing his career in Portugal. But it does show the lengths at which clubs are prepared to strive to acquire a young prospect, for competition breads the motivation to prevail over your rival. Whether or not it is in the best interest of the prospect himself will be judged in time.

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Article title: The lengths Premier League duo will go to secure a ‘wonderkid’

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