The MOST overrated XI in World Football…in my view anyway

Barcelona wing back Dani AlvesCourtesy of  Bobby Hare at the excellent This is Futbol


It happens to every football fan at some stage. There’s this player, and it seems that every single person on Planet Football rates them. Except you. You can’t fathom why he receives endless adulation and incessant platitudes from every Tom, Dick and Sally that you talk football with. And whilst you’re enveloped in this state of utter bemusement, you start to question yourself. Is it just me?

Herein lies the fundamental beauty of football – it’s all opinions. So keep that in mind before you rush to ridicule me for what I’m about to write. Here’s my team of footballers who, quite frankly, I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about. They’ll be set up in a retro 4-4-2 formation (remember those days?), naturally.

Click on image below to see the most overrated XI



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