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The most pointless signing by Tottenham in years?

A transfer for Everton’s Steven Pienaar to Tottenham Hotspur seems to be a done deal, either going through this January transfer window for £2million or on a Bosman transfer in the summer for free. At first glance that looks a really good deal for Spurs. Pienaar is a good football player and one that I personally rate at more than £2million given the current market of player transfer fees.

Yet is it really a worthwhile purchase for Tottenham? In my mind not really as he is exactly the kind of player they have in abundance in White Hart Land; slight, deft, skilful are the characteristics I would use to describe Pienaar and the majority of Tottenham’s current midfield. At the moment as things stand I can’t see him getting into the Tottenham first team. He is too similar to, but not as good as, Luka Modric, Rafael Van der Vaart, Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon. Unlike the possible signing of David Beckham, he doesn’t really bring anything greatly different that the squad doesn’t already have either in terms of style or experience.

So far this season that Tottenham midfield quartet midfield has been decent to say the least as well as consistent. Pienaar on the other hand, although generally I am a fan of his, simply hasn’t been performing consistently as well. Although no-one really has at Everton, bar Tim Cahill and possibly Coleman, hence the position they currently find themselves in the league.


I still don’t think it would be the best deal for Tottenham even if they were to accept that Pienaar was not a first choice eleven player and use him as a squad player to play when he regains his form of the previous season and replace anyone of that midfield quartet, as he is rather versatile, when they’re injured or not playing too well. As I feel Niko Kranjcar is perfectly suited to do this role and is already at the club. To take a look back and see how few games he has played over the last few months I believe gives an indication of how little Pienaar would play were he to arrive, and why therefore he is a player that would be surplus to requirements.

It is mainly the presence of Kranjcar that leads me to believe Pienaar would be a pointless signing for Spurs. I believe Kranjcar should remain the first midfield creative to replace any of these four. I feel he has been hard done by this season, considering how much he contributed last time and this signing would only hasten his exit out of the White Hart Lane door and with Pienaar hardly flying at the moment it would not be much if any improvement. Ultimately I think Kranjcar carries more goal potential, with a fearsome strike and there is simply no room for both of them at the Lane along with all the other attack minded midfielders Tottenham have.


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Article title: The most pointless signing by Tottenham in years?

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