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The noisiest home ground in the Premier League?

A huge part of the atmosphere at any football stadium is the noise generated by the home crowd. At once voicing their fervent support for their club, but also doing everything possible to intimidate the visiting team, some grounds are truly notorious for reaching ridiculous decibel levels.

Recently a study was conducted with the aim of finding which Premier League team has the loudest home supporters. “We have taken a series of measurements on the terraces of each club’s home ground and averaged this out across games and the season,” said Michael Dennis, Fan Chants managing director. Fan Chants is a website that allows you to upload your favourite football songs or chants. The study raised some interesting results, placing Wigan Athletic above Tottenham Hotspur in terms of decibel levels reached by supporters at home stadiums. Heavy criticism was aimed at the study, with many critics stating the study did not account for stadium size, how fans are spread out and how stadium shape can transform acoustics. A particular critic asked “Who were the home teams playing at the time? Was it a match that had a bearing on their league or European hopes or aspirations? How many people were in the ground at the time? Were the home team winning or losing when the readings were taken?” I am inclined to agree with these critics – and so decided to put together this poll for FootballFanCast readers to have their voice heard. It’s an incredibly difficult medium to scientifically measure – so putting together real football fans’ opinions on the matter should give us the most accurate result.

For you, which is the noisiest home ground in the Premier League – CAST YOUR VOTE!

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Article title: The noisiest home ground in the Premier League?

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