The only way Manchester United can move forward

Time for Glazers to leave Manchester United

This can’t happen again. It is time for the Glazers to leave.

Its amazing what 30 protesters outside your house can do. Wayne Rooney signs a new five year deal. What a week in the life of Manchester United. The spotlight was on the greatest club in the world, and its fair to say they dealt with the crisis as well as they could. Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill did not rush statements out or get into a media battle with Wayne Rooney and his advisor’s. However, Wayne Rooney’s statement about the ‘lack of ambition’ at the club and the ‘failure to attract the worlds top stars’ to Old Trafford will have damaged Manchester United’s reputation.

Has this week finally brought an end to the Glazer’s time at Old Trafford. They need to invest in both what they have –  in terms of youngsters –  as well as bringing top players to Old Trafford. Do they have the funds? And do Manchester United fans truly believe they will?

If United had lost Rooney it would have been highly damaging for the American owners. They are hated by Manchester United fans – they have saddled the club with huge debts and have shown no signs of investing in new talent. If United had lost their last remaining talisman, after the departures of Ronaldo and Tevez, there would have been uproar at Old Trafford. The selling of top names to pay off the debts they have brought onto the club would be the accusation – and who could argue against this.

It is time for the Glazers to sell the club to the Red Knights group. This type of crisis, where a player of the stature of Wayne Rooney has openly criticised the ambition of the club must send alarm bells ringing throughout the club.

To be fair, the Glazers have stumped up the cash for Wayne Rooney’s new five year deal. However, if it hadn’t been for the expert handling of the situation from David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson, Rooney would have been out of the door and United’s season would have been thrown into further chaos. In fact now, United can regroup, revitalise under one goal – with everybody moving in the same direction on the pitch.

The Glazers show no sign of wanting to sell. With Wayne Rooney signed to a five year deal the clubs value has risen. If United had sold Rooney, the Red Knights would have valued the club at far less than the £1billion they were prepared to pay last season.

One Red Knight added that the value of Manchester United, without Rooney, could be ‘closer to the £790m the Glazer family paid in May 2005.’

Will the events of this week put the Glazers in a stronger position at Old Trafford. Certainly not. United fans know that this can’t happen again. The only way that Manchester United can truly attract the best players is if the Glazer family leave Old Trafford. The debt saddled on the club has meant that United can’t go and spend the money they once did on Juan Sebastian Veron and Wayne Rooney.

Here lies the major problem. With Van Der Sar, Neville, Giggs and Scholes all tipped to leave within eighteen months, where is the investment coming from to replace these players. Can United really afford to replace great players with the likes of Kucshzack, Raphael, Obertan and Gibson and continue to challenge for honours?

It is now or never for the Glazer ownership. Manchester United can never be put in a position where one of their own is challenging the direction of the club. Granted it could be player power gone mad or Rooney trying to gain leverage for a new deal. What ever it was it happened and has damaged the club. With the position the Glazer’s have put United in, Ferguson was a sitting duck to such a humiliating attack.

Under the Glazers, Manchester United’s record has been very good. Three Premiership titles and a Champions League, along with League Cup success. No doubt there has been success but with United moving into a transition period the club needs to change hands in the immediate future.

There is one man that could change the situation United have no found themselves in. If Sir Alex Ferguson turned on the ownership, Manchester United fans could have their club back. His support for them has made many United fans (not all) fall into line and trust his judgement. Could the events of the last week finally open Ferguson’s eyes to the true cost the Glazer family are having on the club. This week was a close call, this can never be allowed to happen again. The Glazers time at Old Trafford has to be brought to an end.

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Article title: The only way Manchester United can move forward

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