The only way to stand out from the crowd

Footballers are never people to shy away from the limelight, as they’re more than happy to have all the attention on them. From ridiculous haircuts to striking tattoos, as long as the crowd are looking at them, then they’ve got all the ammunition they need to go about wowing their supporters. Over the last decade or so, the easiest way to draw the attention of everyone in the crowd is with garish, eye-catching football boots.

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Long gone are the days when having black football boots was the norm. In fact, black boots was all you could previously get, but now you’re seen to be a little bit boring, a middle of the road type character, if you don’t have the most colourful boots around.

Having colourful boots marks you out as being a flair player, or at least someone who has a lot of belief in their ability, a big ego if you like. It also marks you out to the opposition as someone who thinks they’re God on the pitch and as a result you can expect a few tasty tackles now and again.

Football boots don’t come much more colourful than the ones that current Sunderland and ex-Arsenal strike Nicklas Bendtner used to wear. His pink boots became infamous and his ability certainly didn’t match up to the boots. However, they did go to a good cause as he raised funds for a Danish cancer foundation by selling them on eBay.

More recently Tottenham left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto has gained notoriety, not necessarily for the colour of his boots, but for the fact that he wore odd boots that didn’t match. Was he doing this to be different? Did he want to stand out from the crowd?

No, it was simply a practical reason as he explained to Mirror Football: “I bought two pairs – one blue and one white. After three days, one of them split; and because I don’t have a sponsor, I wasn’t going to throw away a shoe that is brand new. So I took one of the other colour and played like that.”

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