The perfect cure for football fans’ January blues

January is a tough month for everyone, including football fans. Even though the transfer window kicks into full swing and the FA Cup gets underway, the days and weeks following Christmas are akin to the aftermath of having given your debit card details to a dodgy website in the mid 2000s. Simply put, we’re all a bit skint!

And this is even worse if you got a set of, for want of a better word… crap, Xmas presents, as the cash is not in place to get what you really wanted. However, the guys as have got your back…

That’s right, just RT and follow us, and you could be the lucky recipient of £30 off a stunning retro footy shirt! It’s as simple as that!

Whether you want one of the many iconic ‘80s or ‘90s Premier League efforts, a neat England Italia ‘90 replica to sport during the EUROs this summer or are eager to unleash your inner hipster with a ‘Batistuta’ on the back of a purple Fiorentina jersey, you may be in luck!