The PFA finally look to make a stand once and for all

PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS ASSOCIATION LOGOThe Professional Football Association (PFA) has announced that racist abuse will become a sackable offence for professional footballers next season. Racist abuse will now be classed as gross misconduct within football.

Both the Premier League and Football League is expected to back this campaign. Although no actions will be enforced by the PFA, it will be down to the club to terminate a players contract if found committing the abuse. If a club chooses to refuse, it will signify the club condones the act of racism. It will be taken into affect by introducing the penalty into a player’s contract with a club.

Gordon Taylor the Chief Executive of the Professional Footballers Association is behind the proposal and hopes it will send out a powerful message to all players in the game. However this completely contradicts a statement made by Gordon Taylor regarding the Suarez incident when he “was surprised at the severity of the punishment” at the time of the case, which was only last season. Taylor also reiterates that it will remove any ambiguity about the possible consequences for anyone found guilty of the offence.

Racism has previously been attempted to remove from football with the Kick It Out campaign which challenges discrimination and encourages inclusive practices and work towards a possible change which is supported and funded by all the games governing bodies. Yet recently this has been evidently unsuccessful due to the two high profile incidents in the Premier League last season.

The Chelsea captain will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on 9 July after he was charged with a ‘racially aggravated public order offence’ against Anton Ferdinand in October. Conveniently after the UEFA Euro’s where Terry plays is part in Hodgson’s squad representing England.

Football should not be different to any other profession and footballers should not get treated any differently to other professionals. If there was racist abuse witnessed in any other profession it would definitely not be tolerated and the culprit will be sacked with immediate affect.

The PFA will present the proposal to the Professional Football Negotiating and Consultative Committee, which includes the Premier League and the Football League, and Taylor is confident that it will be approved.

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