The Premier League appears to have finally won the power battle

Premier-League CEO Richard Scudamore has finally won FA battle

It’s been coming for nearly 20 years now, but finally the money men of the Premier League have finally won the power battle with the FA. Last Wednesday the FA gave their ‘private’ response to the government recommendations about the structure of the FA and it’s governance and it’s widely thought that the FA have handed over all governance of the league over to Premier League chiefs.

In 1992, the FA allowed the top clubs to share the new money coming in from Sky between them and not between the 92 clubs that make up the football league, allowing rich owners to get richer and poor clubs to get poorer or end up bankrupt. Fast forward twenty years and that is exactly what has happened, although now the Premier League wants more power and has got it.

The document is thought to have been a reshaping of the FA’s board, however plans to reduce the number from 14-10 is still a sticking point the FA seem unwilling to budge on.

It will also reshape the maze of decision making structures, which is where the Premeir-League will gain most of it’s powers. The FA will not have a say in the decisions made by the Premier-League, although they will be able to veto some changes.

The FA chairman David Bernstein was pleased with how well the FA and Premier League have got on while dealing with these new reforms, probably because Bernstein and the FA have given up trying to hold their own against the might of the Premier-League and have basically bent over for them.

Now that the Premier-League has won this power battle, what’s to stop them wanting even more, a majority of top flight clubs want B teams like they have across Europe to help them blood new talent, what if the Premier League created their own B league with Sky paying money for the television rights. How many football league clubs would try and jump ship? Leaving the FA with nothing but memories of it’s glorious past?

The problem has always been the poor running of the FA and it’s now too late for Bernstein to save it.

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