The progression and development of the football boot through the ages

The football boot carries an abundance of attributes and uses – a protective piece of footwear, an iconic symbol of the modern footballer, a fashion accessory and a performance aid.

The number of developers, styles, brands and makes of football makes it a competitive marketplace. The latest craze in football boot is the Adidas f50’s worn by Lionel Messi with a micro chip attached, but what is it that makes the perfect football boot?

Everyone prefers something different to each other, some players pick style over comfort, some vice versa, a football boot is suited differently to each person.

The very first football boots were made of leather and weighed a ridiculous amount to be carrying on your feet whilst playing football. But as times have moved on so have technological advancements in the materials of the football boot to aid a footballer’s performance.

To amateur footballers, all these attributes don’t really play an effect on their decision making when purchasing a boot, it normally relies on what boot their favourite player is wearing. But when it comes to professional footballers, they need and require the best boot out there to be able to perform the best to their ability.

We’ve had a look at how the football boot had developed over the years from when they were first bought into place. It’s interesting in recent years how quickly technology can develop.

Click below on the old boot from the 1800’s to get the ball rolling



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