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The respect of King Kenny ensures the media knives stay away

Imagine the outcry if Roy Hodgson had managed a Liverpool side that had been beaten away from home at Blackpool, or in fact drawn at home to Wigan. Imagine the stick the fans and media would have given Hodgson, but for some reason Kenny Dalglish has not been set on by anyone, especially the media. Granted, Liverpool fans have wanted Kenny Dalglish as their manager, as soon as he conceded he wanted the job, so whatever he does at the club will be greeted with a cheer. However, it was a chance for the media to stick their boot in early and put pressure on Dalglish. It thus far hasn’t come.

The one thing that has to be said is the media are scared of Kenny Dalglish. The power that he has at the football club makes him a figure they need to respect, and somebody they must not try and attack too early into his reign. You can see in press conferences the change in atmosphere. This is no disrespect to Roy Hodgson, but he was controlled in those sessions by the media. There has been a complete change in atmosphere. When Dalglish walks in the media sit up and listen. When he says he won’t answer such a question, they do not ask it again. It is quite fascinating to watch, the papers are being positive about Liverpool – will this bring a continued improvement in fortunes for the great club?

Dalglish is a figure that everybody in football respects. Whether you feel he is the right or wrong man for Liverpool at the present time is another matter. He will certainly get the fans on board, but who would have thought he would have the media on side so quickly, especially after three average results in his first three games prior to the recent good run of form. Dalglish is clearly a man the media are choosing to stay on side with, a man that they have always preferred to Sir Alex Ferguson. It was evident in the FA Cup third round clash at Old Trafford last month, the way the media portrayed the two. Dalglish was portrayed as the victim, but of what? That was never explained…..

The media clearly have a respect for Dalglish, something they never had for Roy Hodgson. The fans are on the side, the players are on side and without a doubt the media are onside. If Liverpool can turn their fortunes around on the pitch it should all drop into place for a very successful and positive second half of the season. The negative Liverpool press that blew up over the Hodgson era has died away. For as long as Dalglish is in charge of Liverpool, the negative press will not be apparent. John W. Henry’s first major decision as Liverpool owner has been nothing but a positive one.

Article title: The respect of King Kenny ensures the media knives stay away

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