The sheer arrogance of Barca players is astounding

Cesc Fabregas was recently seen wearing a Barcelona shirt which was forced on him by Barca pair Gerard Pique and Carlos Puyol. The Arsenal midfielder has reassured his fans that the stunt meant nothing and insists it was nothing more than a prank, but should it be viewed as something much more sinister on the part of Barcelona’s players?

The Catalan club have made it clear that they wish Fabregas to return to the Nou Camp after the playmaker has proved himself to be one of the world’s best midfielders during his time in north London.

The Barcelona players would also like to see him return to the club as a friend and colleague at international level, but their behaviour regarding the issue has shown them to be both arrogant and unprofessional as they have attempted to tap the player up through the media and ridiculous public displays like forcing the Barca colours over the Arsenal man.

Pepe Reina, Liverpool goalkeeper, obviously found the whole situation hilarious as he was all smiles as he had his arm around Fabregas, who looked quite embarrassed by the whole debacle. I wonder if the Liverpool stopper would have been quite so happy if a bunch of players forced his club team-mate Fernando Torres into a Chelsea shirt, as he has been linked with a move to west London in recent months.

Puyol and Pique are not the only two of Barcelona’s players who have spoken of their admiration for him as a player in an attempt to lure him to the La Liga champions. Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets have all made appeal after appeal in the media calling for Fabregas to sign for the Catalan giants and it just isn’t right, it is not professional either.

Iniesta said this following the World Cup final:

“Everybody has come out and spoken of the desire we have for him [Fabregas] to be with us next season. We would be delighted. Not just because he is a team-mate and a friend, but because it would be great for the club.

“His arrival would give us a huge jump up in quality and he would play his part to help us stay up there competing in the big competitions. We would love him to be here.”

The situation has become more than just being about Fabregas in my opinion, it’s about showing the La Liga clubs that they cannot just come in and do whatever they want as Real Madrid players Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos have both been quoted saying that the likes of Steven Gerrard and Ashley Cole will arrive at the Santiago Bernabeu this summer.

Also, there was a similar situation regarding La Liga club Real Madrid, whose very public pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo whilst he was at Manchester United descended into a complete farce.

Do the fans think that the arrogance of Barcelona players has gone too far regarding their public tapping-up of Cesc Fabregas?

Cesc Fabregas in Barcelona shirt during Spain World Cup celebrations:

[youtube D-IBFiTBQEk]

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