The TEN players Premier League clubs should ‘steer clear of this summer’

With the summer transfer window swung fully open, Premier League bosses are trying to tie up numerous deals that will benefit their sides in the coming months. There are many free agents or players available at cut prices that are well worth a look at, but some clubs are willing to break the bank to land the ideal man as well.

However, having seen some expensive disasters move to English clubs in the last couple of years (cough Fernando Torres cough), clubs need to be more prudent when deciding where to splash their cash. As with the popular retro computer game Minesweeper, you’re only ever a couple of clicks away from a potential calamity. Rather than just loading up their squads with any old rubbish, teams need to be selective with who to bring in and who to leave well alone.

Fortunately, we’ve saved the managers and the scouts the arduous task of sorting out the rough from the smooth and selected the top ten stars that Premier League clubs should steer well clear of this summer.

Click on the Hulk to unveil the top 10 players to steer clear of this summer

Hulk, Porto striker




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