The TEN Serie A transfers that Tottenham and Arsenal ‘should consider’

Serie A has been in need of something significant to reignite the fires following a number of scandals over the past decade and the emergence of other powers on the continent.

This season, Juventus are staking a claim that the Italian league still has plenty to offer and that the quality hasn’t been drained completely out of Serie A. Not to only limit praise to Antonio Conte’s side, but Napoli were one of the most impressive teams to watch last season, continuing in the same fashion this year despite losing Ezequiel Levezzi to PSG.

With the summer approaching, both Tottenham and Arsenal will be in need of strengthening their sides to make an assault on the Premier League next season. Serie A might remain the least fashionable of the bigger leagues in Europe, but there’s no doubting that there is plenty of talent propping up Italy’s top flight.

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