The TEN ‘Unluckiest footballers’ within the Premier League years

It takes a lot more than just quality to be successful in professional football. After all, what would be the point in having all the ability in the world if you were unfit to wield it.

The Premier League has played host to a number of great players, yet many of those have fallen at the wayside due to one unfortunate factor: injury proneness. It is difficult to control yet some individuals have the most dreadful luck when it comes to maintaining the fitness that is so pivotal to their job. Whether it is one injury that persists and refuses to go away or a multitude of different knocks that come one after another, a lack of playing time will do awful things to the ability of a player. Injuries can have a continually detrimental impact on the performances of a footballer and ultimately bring about a premature decline in their career.

It occurs all the world over but here we take a look at some of the unlucky souls who had their profession wrecked by injury when they  could arguably have gone on to achieve a lot more.

Click on Alan Smith to unveil the 10 unluckiest footballers of their time

Former Manchester United player Alan Smith




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