The TEN Worst Transfer Deadline Day Deals

Fear, excitement, delusion and desperation are vital ingredients for any transfer deadline day cocktail set to be guzzled by fans across the country this Friday.

Taxi drivers and airport baggage handlers will come alive with various sightings and illicit stories designed solely for the purpose of making grown men squeal like dizzy teenage girls. For it is on this day and this day only where absolutely anything is possible, with clubs throwing themselves into the market as the transfer window closes like some sort of medieval drawbridge.

Amongst all the rumour, hysteria and Ryan Babel hovering above us in his helicopter, managers can perhaps be forgiven for making a mistake or two. These mistakes can range from forgetting to replace the paper in the fax machine, to spending millions of pounds on a player boasting a name that no one can spell, let alone pronounce. In light of these lapses of judgement I have compiled a portfolio of players who fans will be eager to forget ever decided to move on this sacred day.

Click on Andy Carroll to reveal ten terrible last-minute purchases


Andy Carroll, Liverpool striker

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