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The top 10 Arsenal Twitter accounts you need to follow

Arsenal have consistently been competing for a spot in the top four over the past few seasons, with the fans always expressing their opinions throughout social media. This term, the club are still up there amongst the Premier League elites as they sit in fourth, three points away from Manchester United in first.

Twitter has always been a means of communication to which the fans voice their concerns and delights over all the various up and downs the team has been through. The Gunners are currently under fire for their performance in the Champions League after losing their first two matches, with the supports already stating their opinions on a daily basis.

So, if you’re a fan of the club, it is almost a must to keep updated with all the highs and lows as well as all the transfer rumours, all the way to candidates to replace current boss Arsene Wenger. Be sure to check out the mentioned accounts and push follow despite how angry you are at their current form!

So here are the top ten accounts that all Gunners fans should be following!

1. @arsenalfantv

Followers: 69,200
First off, ArsenalFanTV, which is the Twitter account associated with, a website about all things Gunners. This profile was set up by the fans and is directly targeted back to the supports in order to serve as a platform to voice our concerns or just state opinions in general.

2. @goonerdave66

Followers: 19,300
This next page follows the account owned by Dave Seager, a writer for, a website covering everything that has to do with Arsenal. He also co-owns and is currently an AFC Columnist for Shoot. There’s probably nothing more you can ask for when wanting to keep updated with your favourite club.

3. @arseblognews

Followers: 73,200
Apart from fan opinions, it’s always good to follow an account that provides you with news, news, and more news regarding Arsenal, just like this next one. The profile brings together information from a variety of sources and expresses it via their website, Follow this one account and you have access to a wide range of information coming out of the Emirates.

4. @GoonerFanzines

Followers: 37,400
This account focuses on their Arsenal fanzine released via their website Their Twitter profile serves as a method of linking their content to all the supporters of the club. They mainly publish pieces that come in the form of opinion and ideas rather than hard news, with the hardcopy of their fanzine behind sold around the stadium.

5. @arsenalmania

Followers: 75,400
Arsenal Mania is another one of those Twitter accounts that favours fan discussion while also keeping their followers updated on all the club’s current events. From transfer rumours to latest club news, this profile seems to collect content from a majority of sources before sharing them in form of Tweets via the profile.

6. @GoonerTalk

Followers: 49,400
Like the name states, this Twitter account focuses on all things Arsenal related that can be used in conversation, from news all the way to views. Chris Wheatley, the owner of the profile is currently an editor at and also has experience working as a Social Media Editor for @Eurosport_UK.

7. @theEpicGooner

Followers: 28,400
This next account keeps you updated with Arsenal from a more opinion-based way and less from a direct news standpoint. The page takes all the current events from manager interviews, transfer rumours, injury news, and much more and express what they think about certain topics.

8. @LeGrove

Followers: 51,000
The Twitter account up next follows the daily tweets regarding content posted in, which gives your opinion based articles based on all things Arsenal. In addition to that, this page also shares their views on various situations ongoing at the Emirates while keeping you updated with the news through retweets.

9. @YankeeGunner

Followers: 23,400

Apart from opinion and news articles, it’s always nice to follow an account talk links you to a number of podcast regarding your favourite club. YankeeGunner promotes their website,, but the owner of the page also does podcast for @ArsenalVPodcast as well as @ArseAmerica, keeping u updated with even more Gunners content.

10. @GoonerGimli

Followers: 14,100
Finally we come to another account that focuses on using podcast to push their content to all the Arsenal fans out there. The owner of this profile is the host and co-founder of the award winning @TheAFCPodcast. However, this being his personal account, you get to read about his own honest opinions that might not be heard via his podcast.

Article title: The top 10 Arsenal Twitter accounts you need to follow

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