The top 10 most likeable footballers around

Footballers these days may not all be shining beacons of morality. But there are some that come across as genuinely likeable and good people, and we’re going to go through the top TEN of some of our favourite players.

From brilliant goalscorers and players who do all of their talking on the pitch, to those who are likeable for who they are off of it, it’s truly a mixed bag. And it will be agreed that these TEN are some of the good guys and just general jokers of the football world.

Of course there are likeable players throughout the football universe so if you think you know of any that weren’t included in this list then please feel free to comment and let us know some of your favourites and why…

10. David Luiz

David Luiz 2
The former Chelsea man is known for his somewhat erratic defending. But the people all over love him for his wacky personality he brings off the pitch. His jokey presence makes him a popular figure in any dressing room and he comes across as a very grounded player who is happy to communicate with football fans everywhere. And that haircut is so glorious… it’s difficult to hate a man like David.

9. Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)
The Arsenal playmaking wizard has lit things up at Emirates since he made his move from the Spanish capital. Since making the move to London, Premier League fans have begun to notice his off the field antics. At the 2014 World Cup where Germany came home winners, Mesut used his bonus from winning to give 23 Brazilian children life-saving surgery. He is also a devout Muslim and shows a lot of commitment towards his religion.

8. Juan Mata

Manchester United v Everton - Barclays Premier League
Juan Mata always plays football with a smile on his face and is a player who loves to get fans on their feet. After he scored in a 1-0 win against Norwich he went to celebrate with a disabled fan, probably giving him and his family a memory of a lifetime. Aside from this Mata keeps a regular blog so fans can have an idea of his thoughts and feelings behind big events over the season, he even used this platform to thank Chelsea supporters for their kindness after his move to Man Utd.

7. Vincent Kompany

vincent kompany 2
Vincent Kompany has been a stalwart (when not injured) for the blue half of Manchester. But it isn’t his club football that is necessarily winning him the adoration of football fans all of the land. His punditry work while he has been away from the pitch has made him appear much more grounded than many people may expect. He also does a lot of charity work and has given a lot back to his parental county of DR Congo.

6.Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller 1
Thomas Muller. How do you define him as a footballer? Without appearing to be spectacular at anything he always pops up with lots of goals. To add to that he is clearly utterly hilarious, so much so that his league had enough material of him fooling around to make a compilation dedicated to his hilarity. He even gave Dante such a hard time after Germany beat Brazil to the extent where management had to have a word. Here’s to you, Thomas, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

5. Ronaldinho

Not so relevant as it looks like with everyday that passes his playing days may be gone but wherever you can appreciate just brilliant Ronaldinho is, you should take that oppurunity. One of the most well liked footballers among the community he has always played with a smile on his face, add to that he was instrumental in helping give Lionel Messi the confidence he needed when he came through, Ronaldinho is the gift that keep on giving.

4. Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba
How many footballers have built hospitals and stopped civil wars? Not many you can imagine. So a special place is reserved for Chelsea legend Didier Drogba. The former Blues frontman may be the personification of a nightmare to some Arsenal fans but away from the pitch Drogba has given a lot to the country he represented at international level; Ivory Coast. Any Chelsea fan will tell you their adoration for this man but if a footballer is also an international peacekeeper, then he deserves to make this list.

3. Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso
Xabi Alonso. A classy player with a personality to match. After touring some of the biggest football clubs in the world Xabi has claimed plaudits wherever he’s been. An interview with ex-teammate and now pundit Jamie Carragher gives you a flavour of how he can control the tempo of conversation with the same effect as he can control a game on the pitch.

Alonso brings an air of calmness wherever he goes and will surely be remembered as one of the greats when he calls it time to hang up his boots.

2. Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch. From scoring last minute goals to put Spurs into the Champions League to bringing the robot back to British dancefloors all over the country, the man gives entertainment from every angle. A reporter once asked him what he’d be if he wasn’t a footballer and he simply replied with ‘A virgin’. It is this sense of self-awareness that has won him a place in the heart of many Premier league fans. Add to the fact that he has got the potential to score an absolute worldy then you have someone who deserves placement high up this list!

1. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero. This man has truly upset the apple cart of the Premier League since joining the Blue half of Manchester. From scoring THE goal that needs no more description, Aguero’s determination to always shine on the football pitch has shone through brightly and even Manchester United fans are finding it hard to have bad words to say about their rivals talisman.

Although over the last couple of season he has struggled with injuries he has finished every season around the top scorer positions and is always a source of goals.