The TOP 10 Premier League ‘Scallywags’ who engineered a transfer

Former Nottingham Forest striker Pierre Van HooijdonkPremier League footballers are not always the most reasonable bunch and it often seems like their money goes to their head. There have been a whole host of players who have taken action when they have sought a move in order to ensure that they can go to a bigger club and earn a bit more money. One of the first players to do this in the modern game was Pierre Van Hooijdonk who was after a move to Nottingham Forest and said of his contract dispute with Celtic that “£7,000 a week may be good for the homeless, but not for an international striker.” The Dutch international has set the trend, are here are 10 more Premier League ‘Scallywags’ who forced their transfer moves…

Click on the image below to see the TOP 10 PL ‘Scallywags’:

William Gallas and Ashley Cole