The TOP 15 ‘Football Manager’ Cult Heroes of all time

While non-football fans spend their weekend being blinded by city nightlife, there’s a devoted majority whose bedrooms are illuminated by the warm glow of a last minute winner. Championship Manager or rather Football Manager as it is now known in the modern era, is perhaps the most addictive entity in existence with players losing hours at a time merely by uttering the phrase, ‘just one more game.’

Each new addition of the game sparks a frantic search for those hidden gems that will help inspire your team to glory. Sports Interactive are renowned for their commitment to realism, but everybody makes mistakes and in the world of Football Manager, these mistakes mean some players enjoy a meteoric rise to the top when in reality they never fulfil their potential.

With this is mind I have decided to collate 15 legendary figures of this mesmerising simulation, the players who dazzled on your computer but never on your television screen.

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