The ‘Top 15 Transfer Gifts’ of All Time

We’re in the festive spirit here at Football FanCast and we think you should be, too. And what better way to get us in the mood for a bit of gift giving, than by lapping up 15 of the all time great transfer presents we’ve had the joy of┬áreceiving?

The purse strings might be tight for many of us, but for these teams, the Christmas feeling lasts all year long. In this gallery, form, value and anything┬áresembling┬ácommon sense, have been turfed out for the Yuletide goodwill that’s come with flogging these superb players.

The end of the year is often a time of nostalgia too and considering the pain that many of you might have to endure in the hyperinflation of the January transfer market next month, you should be savouring the gifts of yesteryear.

So click on Van der Vaart below, sift through and rejoice in our top 15 ‘Transfer Gifts’ of all time

Former Spurs playmaker Rafael van der Vaart

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