The Top 5 Best Reserves

Football’s a team game. It’s not always about the starting eleven; often it is down to the reserves on the bench to come on and make a difference. Over the years some players have found themselves on the bench more often that they’d like, but they haven’t sulked and let it get to them, instead they’ve made themselves into super subs!

The super sub might not be the most glamorous of roles within a team, you do have to sit in the freezing cold in the winter after all, but you can be a headline writer and get all the plaudits. Your manager will be delighted when you come off the bench and score the winner for him, making him a tactical genius.

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You can even become renowned for being a super sub as the following have done in recent years. Scroll down for five of the best reserves…

5 – Salomon Kalou: The Chelsea forward recently set a new record for being the most used substitute in the Premier League era, possibly not a feat he’s proud of.

4 – Ronny Rosenthal: The former Liverpool and Tottenham striker will be best remembered by the Anfield and White Hart Lane faithful for his super sub role.

3 – Nwankwo Kanu: The Nigerian forward made over 100 substitute appearances for Arsenal, West Brom and Portsmouth, although he was much more than a super sub.

2 – David Fairclough: David rarely started for Liverpool, but when the Reds needed a player to make an impact from the bench they often turned to Fairclough.

1 – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: There could only be one man at number one. The baby-faced assassin came off the bench to score the winning goal for Manchester United in the 1999 Champions League final.